Village History

The history of the Incorporated Village of Cedarhurst reflects the story and growth of our great country

The history of the Incorporated Village of Cedarhurst reflects the story and growth of our great country

While Cedarhurst has blossomed into an arena of modern suburbia, it has retained the charm of yesteryear. Offering the finest in services, it remains a homey, quaint and friendly village.

The one-mile square area now called Cedarhurst was settled before the American Revolution. During the War of Independence, much of the land was occupied by British troops. Indicative of a number of Tory sympathizers living here at that time was the Martin family at Rock Hall Estate, now a Town of Hempstead public museum in Lawrence. During the 19th century, the first significant increase in population came after the Civil War with the extension of the Long Island Railroad to the Rockaway Peninsula.

It was a demand for Street improvements that prompted residents to take the steps that led to the birth of the Incorporated Village of Cedarhurst on September 16, 1910. According to local law, the Village took its name from the grove or ‘hurst’ of cedar trees near the village post office.

From the beginning, Cedarhurst has been led by a mayor (first called “Village President”) and a Board of Trustees. Our home rule nature has proved sound and has changed little over the last nine decades.

Today, the Incorporated Village of Cedarhurst is a vital commercial and cultural hub of the Five Towns. The Village of Cedarhurst is truly “A great place in which to live, work, play…” Our residents, businesses and friends enter the millennium with fond dreams of past glory and significant plans for a bright future.

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Meet Our Mayors

The people who guided Cedarhurst from its incorporation in 1910 are:

  • 1910 | Horatio P. Vandewater
  • 1911-1919 | David H. Weyant Sr.
  • 1920-1924 | John G. McNicoll
  • 1924-1925 | Arthur M. Lockhart
  • 1925 | John J. Campbell
  • 1926-1932 | Abraham A. Adelberg
  • 1933-1935 | William L. Blumberg
  • 1936-1958 | Ernest E. Elderd
  • 1959-1960 | David H. Weyant Jr.
  • 1961-1970 | Sidney Haber
  • 1971-1995 | Nicholas A. Farina
  • 1995-2015 | Andrew J. Parise
  • 2015 – Present | Benjamin Weinstock

The Cedarhurst Village Seal was designed by herald designer, Mrs. Francis Berg of Lawrence.

The chevron is for all the residents of Cedarhurst who served in wartime. The trees are the cedars of Lebanon and represent all the trees in the village. The farmer represents the Town of Hempstead settlers and the lion recognizes Nassau County. The symbol at the top represents an arrow, an Indian symbol. The motto reads “Cavendo Tutus” and is Latin for “Safe with Care.” It symbolizes the careful guardianship of the Village Mayor and Trustees.