Village Seal

Information about Our Village Seal

Heraldry For Cedarhurst
by Frances Russell Kirk

The Seal of the Village of Cedarhurst is described heraldically as follows:

Within a roundel or, within a border inscribed Village of Cedarhurst Incorporated September 16,1910. On an escutcheon with a field azure, a chevron gules between three Cedars of Lebanon (Pinus Cedrus) proper.

Crest: On a wreath of the colors, a Cedar of Lebanon mounded proper.

The Moto: On a ribbion – Cavendo Tutus

Tenant Dexter: A man affronty habited proper as a farmer carrying dexter a scythe proper, his sinister hand dexter chief.

Supporter Sinister: A lion salient armed and langued gules his dexter paw sinister chief.

Definitions and Explanations:

 The Cedar Trees in front of the Post Office of the Rockaway Hunt Club brought the name Cedarhurst into being. Ocean Point was changed, of course, to Cedarhurst. Ironically, the hunt Club is no longer geographically in the Village of Cedarhurst.

The lion supporter is for Nassau County; the farmer for the Town of Hempstead’s farmer and the blue background for the official color of N.Y. State. Thus, the Town, County and State in which Cedarhurst is, have been incorporated into Cedarhurst’s official seal.

The red chevron is for all Cedarhurst men and women who served their country in all wars.

The ribbon bears the village motto Cavendo Tutus. This particular motto follows a very old heraldic tradition of carrying a double meaning. The Latin translation is “Safe with Care” – indicating that the trustees of the village over the years have kept the people safe by the care with which they have handled the affairs of Cedarhurst – by not only pioneering in public improvements for physical safety – but also by legislation to protect the common weal.

The second meaning of the motto lies in the device of the CAV – the first 3 letters of the motto. These letters are the initials of the first three village trustees. Campbell, Adelberg, and Vandewater.

The official village colors adopted by the trustees are taken from the shield – the gold and red.

The twist in the crest is of the official colors of the village – gold an red

Glossary of Terms used in the description-

Field The Space on the shield

A Circle
The Space on the shield
A military emblem
As in nature or in life
On a little hill
A human support for the shield
Facing front
Right side – The shields own right (NB – This is left to the person looking at it)
Left side – (Right to the beholder.)
An animal holding the shield  (the human is not called a supporter, but a tenant)
Top of the shield
Background area
An animal standing on hind legs with both rear paws on the ground (As distinguished from rampant wherein he stands only on the left rear paw)
With claws or talons
Tongue hanging out

This seal appears on a tablet at the entrance to the Cedarhurst Village Hall and on

flag in the Court Room. The flag hand embroidered on both sides is in correct heraldic detail and size.  It was furled for the Golden Jubilee of the Village in September 1960.

The design for the official seal and flag was accepted by the Village trustees and the plaque was presented by Hon. David Weyant, Mayor of Cedarhurst, to the designer.

The designer, Frances Russell Berg then donated the plaque to the Village for its permanent place in the entryway of the Village Hall.

The design and the plaque were donated in honor of the designer’s husband Emanuel Berg who was one of the honored residents at the Jubilee as were others who had resided continuously in Cedarhurst more than 50 years. (the year of incorporation being 1910)

Further inquiries on heraldry or the history of the village or area may be addressed to the designer who is now Mrs. Robert Mirk.

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