Weather Advisory

Published on January 8, 2024

According to the National Weather Service, Long Island is forecasted to experience substantial rainfall and powerful winds starting Tuesday evening through Wednesday morning.

We offer the following suggestions to help residents deal with the storm.

  • In case of an emergency call 911. Do not call the local police precinct directly. This only slows down the response time.
  • For fire emergencies, call the Lawrence-Cedarhurst Fire Department at 516-569-4411


  • Prepare batteries, a battery powered radio, flashlights, candles, and bottled water (or fill the bathtub) so that you have the basic necessities in case of a power outage.  Water stored in your bathtub should be used for flushing and washing, but NOT for drinking unless you boil it first.
  • Charge all your cell phones and keep them charged.
  • If you have a generator, check to see if it’s working and has fuel. Use only approved containers to store gasoline, and make sure that they are stored safely.  Keeping fuel indoors is dangerous because gasoline vapor can accumulate and ignite or explode. NEVER operate a generator indoors. The exhaust fumes are deadly.
  • Fill your car’s gas tank to avoid the morning-after crush at the gas station.
  • Remove all outdoor furniture, trampolines, BBQ’s, garbage cans, flags, flowerpots, and other items that can become airborne in a windstorm or hurricane. Flying objects are extremely dangerous to your home and to others.


  • Avoid going outside in a storm. Staying inside is the safest option.
  • Never touch or walk near downed electric wires. Call 911.  If wires fall on your car while you are inside, do not touch any part of the car. Remain calm, stay in the car, and call 911.
  • NEVER touch or go near downed WIRES. It is best to maintain a distance of at least 30 feet from a downed power line. To report a downed wire, call PSEG Long Island’s 24-hour Electric Service number at 800-490-0075 or call 911.
  • Electric current passes easily through water. If you encounter a pool of standing water, stop, back up and choose another path.
  • If you are driving in a heavy downpour, safely pull over and park. Stay in the vehicle and turn on the emergency flashers until the heavy rain ends.
  • To Report an outage and receive status updates text OUT to PSEGLI (773454). You can also report your outage through their app, or website at