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There Is Hope For Residents In The Flood Zone

Published on | March 11, 2016

Deputy Mayor Ron Lanzilotta and Trustee Myrna Zisman are happy to announce that flooding might soon dry up.  The Village believe that after many years of searching, a solution is being developed to eliminate recurrent flooding in the low lying portions of the Village along Peninsula Boulevard between Rockaway Turnpike and Bayview Ave.

The Village signed an inter-municipal Agreement with Nassau County and the State of New York to study, design and implement this solution as part of the New York Rising Storm Recovery Program.  The initial meetings with the engineers and hydrogeologists have been very positive and we believe that the final design and funding will be available in about 12-18 months.

The proposed solution involves the installation of pumping stations to drain the rainwater that accumulates in the streets during a high tide, when the normal storm water outfalls are blocked by the rising tide in Jamaica Bay.  The pumping station will enable the standing waters to be discharged into the Bay, thereby draining the streets.