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The Village Board of Cedarhurst Announces New Security Patrol Program

Published on | January 15, 2015

CEDARHURST, NEW YORK, January 10, 2015 – Keeping with its longstanding tradition of being at the forefront of security, and services, the Village of Cedarhurst has launched a pilot program which will enhance the security and safety of the residents of Cedarhurst. According to the Nassau County Police Department, over 50 cars have been broken into over the past 2 months throughout the 5 Towns area. “Improving the safety and security of our residents are of the utmost importance to us as a board”, says Mayor Andrew Parise.

“After much discussion, the Village Board will be launching a new “joint effort program”, whereby our dedicated Auxiliary Police, led by Commander Danny Gluck, along with the experienced Rockaway Nassau Safety Patrol (formerly the Rockaway Citizens Safety Patrol), led by Yaakov Gade, will be patrolling the streets of Cedarhurst every evening into the early morning hours”, says Village Trustee Ari Brown”.

“This joint program is the first of its kind in NY State, and the village board is determined to make this a successful endeavor”, says Deputy Mayor Benjamin Weinstock. “The Village Board will be contributing funds to the Rockaway Nassau Safety Patrol and will be enhancing the yearly contribution to the Auxiliary Police as well”, continues Deputy Mayor Weinstock.

Every evening and every morning, private unmarked vehicles will be patrolling the approximately 18 miles of village roadway as well as the park and railroad station. The Auxiliary Police, will be the lead agency in this endeavor and will be immediately be notified to back up and secure the village.

Two of the first to join the new patrol will be Trustee Ari Brown and Daniel Plaut, a member of the Village Board of Architectural Review.

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Sholom Klein, Yaakov Gade, BenWeinstock, Mayor Andrew Parise, Ari Brown, Danny Gluck, Sal Evola, Dan Plaut

Any questions can be directed to Ari Brown or Ben Weinstock at Village Hall at 516.295.5770.