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Smoke Detectors Cannot Detect Unless They Are Installed

Published on | May 5, 2015
Carol Kalowitz with Village Administrator  Salvatore Evola
Carol Kalowitz with Village Administrator Salvatore Evola

Due to the efforts of Mayor Benjamin Weinstock in connection with Home Depot of Valley Stream, the Village of Cedarhurst was able to give out free battery operated smoke detectors to many residents.

Mayor Weinstock wants to remind everyone “Now that you have them – install them”. Smoke alarms should be installed on every floor of your home and avoid placing them close to the kitchen and bathrooms due to false alarms

These units are the most up to date detectors available and have a built in 10-year battery.  However, they should still be tested monthly

Smoke detectors are only part of the solution.   Carbon  Monoxide detectors installed in your boiler room and on each bedroom floor are one of the best home improvements you hope never to use.