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NY Rising Housing Recovery

Published on | March 12, 2014

This grant-filing deadline is April 11th 2014. All applications for this grant must be received by then.

Governor Cuomo created the Office of Storm Recovery in June 2013 to centralize recovery and rebuilding efforts in storm-affected municipalities throughout New York State. In close collaboration with local and community leaders in these areas, the Office, under the New York Rising umbrella, is working to respond to communities’ most urgent rebuilding needs while also identifying long-term and innovative solutions to strengthen the State’s infrastructure and critical systems for the future.

The NY Rising Housing Recovery Program provides homeowners with assistance for repairs, reconstruction, elevation, reimbursement, interim mortgage assistance, and buyouts and acquisitions. Those who were affected by Superstorm Sandy and/or Hurricane Irene please follow the links below.

Please apply directly to New York State Now!

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