Lighting of The Five Towns Largest Menorah

Published on December 12, 2023

On December 11, Mayor Benjamin Weinstock, along with Village officials, religious leaders, and community members, gathered at Andrew J. Parise Park in Cedarhurst to mark the fifth night of Hanukkah. Mayor Weinstock lit the Menorah, illuminating the night with the warm and welcoming light of the holiday. The event was a symbol of unity, hope, and the spirit of Hanukkah, with residents of all backgrounds coming together to commemorate this meaningful holiday.

In addition to lighting the Menorah, Mayor Weinstock presented Rabbi Wolowik of the Five Towns Chabad Center with a citation in fulfillment of the Center’s tireless efforts to engage with and uplift the community year-round. Under the dedicated leadership of Rabbi Zalman Wolowik and Rebbetzin Chani Wolowik, Chabad of the Five Towns has consistently reached out to every Jewish household and visited residents at local hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing and group homes, and has conducted public Menorah lighting ceremonies that bring the community together.

Mayor Weinstock stated, “Hanukkah is a time to celebrate the enduring values of faith, resilience, and unity. The Chabad of the Five Towns, under the exceptional leadership of Rabbi Wolowik and Rebbetzin Wolowik, embodies these principles through their unwavering commitment to our community. They have made a profound impact by spreading light, warmth, and hope to Cedarhurst and beyond.”