Kidnapped From Israel: Milk Carton Project in Cedarhurst

Published on December 22, 2023
L-R: Deputy Mayor Ari Brown, Mayor Benjamin Weinstock, Village Administrator Sal Evola, Guy Tsadik, Trustee Daniel Plaut, Trustee Israel Wasser

The “Kidnapped From Israel: Milk Carton Project” on exhibit in Andrew J. Parise Park in Cedarhurst is a powerful and moving reminder of the continued captivity of hostages kidnapped by Hamas terrorists on October 7th more than 75 days ago. This commemorative endeavor brought to life by Israeli artists Dede Bandaid, Nitzan Mintz, and Ayal Huber was first exhibited at the Art Basel Festival in Miami. Loving Moms United wanted to keep the momentum going and most importantly keep the hostages in the forefront of people’s minds ensuring that they are never forgotten.

One milk carton, part of the original display, was placed in the park, invites passersby to pause and reflect on the victims that were abruptly taken, families torn apart, and the painful impacts of terrorism.

This milk carton display, now part of a travelling exhibit, will stand tall in our park for approximately one week as a reminder of our steadfast commitment to the return of all the hostages.