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Getting Ready for the Blizzard

Published on | February 9, 2017

The BIG News for the past few days has been the upcoming Blizzard.  The consensus among forecast services is that it will be a major storm, with accumulations of 12” to 18” or more, and drifts that will be much deeper.  Power outages are predicted, due to the high winds and snow-load, and extended road closures are possible.

Cedarhurst’s plows, sanders and snow blowers are tuned up and are ready to roll. We have hundreds of tons of salt and sand and our staff is on full alert.  We are confident that we are ready to tackle the last (we hope) storm of winter.

Our paramount concern is for your safety.  Please read the rest of this email and print a copy for future reference.

  • Have a plan, known to everyone in your home, about what to do and how to communicate if evacuation becomes necessary. If you have elderly neighbors, let them know you will be home and check in on them periodically.
  • Prepare batteries, a battery powered radio, flashlights, candles and bottled water (or fill the bathtub) so that you have basic supplies in case of a power outage.
  • Charge all your cell phones and portable power packs before the storm and keep them charged.
  • If you have a generator, check to see if it’s working and has fuel. Use only approved containers to store gasoline, and make sure that they are stored safely.  Keeping fuel indoors is dangerous because gasoline vapor can accumulate and ignite or explode.   NEVER operate a generator indoors.  The exhaust fumes are deadly.
  • We are expecting high tides and storm driven seas. Street closures due to flooding in the low-lying areas are likely.  We suggest that you move your cars to the parking lot behind Village Hall and leave a note in the window of the car identifying yourself as the owner and how we can contact you.  The parking lot behind Village Hall is at the highest elevation above sea level in the Village and is the best place to try and avoid water damage to your car.
  • Fill your car’s gas tank today and avoid the morning-after crush at the gas station.
  • Avoid going outside and avoid driving. Staying inside until the snowfall ends is the safest option.
  • NEVER touch or walk near downed electric wires. Call 911.  If wires fall on your car while you are inside, do not touch any part of the car.   Remain calm, stay in the car and call 911.

You can help us do the best possible job clearing the roads.  Here’s how:

  • Keep all cars in your driveway and off the road. The plows can then clear your street “curb-to-curb”. If you can’t get them all off the street, then try to park all cars only on one side of the street.  That way, we can plow the middle and one side of the road.  It enables our plows to do a more effective job.
  • Pile the snow you shoveled from your driveway to the right (when facing the street from the house) so that you minimize the chance of having it plowed back into the driveway apron.
  • Shoveling snow is hard work and can be dangerous.  Because of the cold, you may not notice strains, pains or even frostbite.  Work slowly and rest every few minutes.  It’s not a speed contest and it’s not worth a heart attack.
  • Check in on elderly and handicapped neighbors to make sure that they are safe and warm.  The Village maintains a list of handicapped and elderly residents who may need special assistance. If you know someone who should be on the list and is not, let us know.

Remember, having clear streets is essential to maintaining safe and efficient passage for police cars, ambulances and fire engines.

For more information, see:

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