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FIOS Service Notice from Verizon

Published on | March 10, 2015

The Village was informed today that Verizon’s agreements to carry The Weather Channel and Weather Scan have expired, and have not been renewed.  Verizon stated that In today’s environment, customers are increasingly accessing weather information not only from their TV but from a variety of online sources and apps.

Verizon is launching the new AccuWeather Network, which will be available on FiOS® TV on channel 119/619 (HD) and on our free FiOS® Mobile App starting March 10, 2015. Verizon will also provide the FiOS® TV WeatherBug “widget” application, which features hyper-local weather, on FiOS® TV channel 49. WeatherBug can also be launched by pressing the “widget” button on the FiOS® TV remote.

FIOS subscribers will also receive individual notices from Verizon.