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Don’t fall victim to scams or fraud

Published on | March 1, 2017

Recently phone scammers posing as PSE&G employees are targeting customers across the area. They are using false phone numbers and recorded customer service phone messages threatening to shut off service unless payment is made via a pre-paid credit card or money transfer. While these calls may sound legitimate, PSE&G would never demand a specific type of payment and threaten immediate service termination.

The first step to protecting yourself is to recognize suspicious activity, which can take many forms, such as:

  • Someone pretending to be a PSE&G employee on the phone, or at your door, demanding immediate payment via a pre-paid credit card or money transfer service.
  • A company claiming to be PSE&G, or associated with them, that solicits your account information.
  • Emails, websites or mobile apps that appear to be from PSE&G and require you to provide personal information.

If you receive any of these suspicious activities or are in doubt, hang up. Don’t continue the conversation. Don’t be embarrassed or apologize for not providing information.  Don’t bother to explain why you are hanging up.  Just hang up the phone and call PSE&G at 800-490-0025.