IMPORTANT COURT INFORMATION: If you received a ticket between February 1, 2020 - March 31, 2020 please call the Court Department at (516) 295-5522 before paying online.Meters and alternate side parking are suspended until Sun May 31st.

A Meaningful gesture to honor or memorialize significant persons and occasions, and to benefit worthwhile culture, recreational and educational programs for persons of all ages.


25 Year Pins

Orsola & Thomas Cittadino
Michael Fleischer
Estelle Fried
Marcia & Louis Meshonek


50 Year Pins

Edith & Ronald Lanzilotta
Marian & William Duncan
Linda (Mukamal) Fleischmann
Frances Proscia


35 Year Pins

Marilyn Axel
Zipporah Bodek
Martin Deutsch
Helen & Jack Gottlieb
Maria & Vincent Rubino
Florence & Harry Taubenfeld