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Cedarhurst Mayor visits Shulamith High School for Girls

Published on | December 6, 2016

Cedarhurst Mayor Benjamin Weinstock joined with Shulamith High School for Girls, Cedarhurst, in their celebration of “History Day”, on Thursday December 1st.

The students studying government, history and public service enjoyed the presentation made by Mayor Weinstock.

For almost an hour, the enthusiastic 9th and 10th graders participated in a lively round-table discussion led by the Mayor about the history, development and different types of government structures.  Mayor Weinstock also spoke passionately about the joys and the stresses of being Mayor of Cedarhurst.

The Mayor then presented a Proclamation to their teacher, Seffi Schofield, declaring December 1, 2016 as “Shulamith High School for Girls History Day” in the Village of Cedarhurst.