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Special – Bulk Sanitation Pickup

Published on | April 1, 2020

Many of us are spring cleaning, getting ready for the holidays or just taking advantage of the time we have at home to de-clutter.  No matter why we are doing it, the curbs all over the Village are filling up with discarded boxes, furniture and household items.

If you put any bulk items out for collection, you must call Sanitary District 1 and schedule a pick up.  If not, the items will sit in front of you home for days or weeks.

Call 516-239-5600 anytime.  If your call is placed after hours, just leave a simple voice mail message with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Address 
  • Phone number
  • Brief description of the discarded items
  • Where the items are located (at the curb, in the driveway, near the garage)

If you prefer, you can even schedule the pickup online at   

Sanitary District will accept most items except, paint, motor oil and lubricants, automotive tires, car batteries, flammable liquids and other pollutants.  For a more complete list, visit their website or call (516)378-4210 prompt 6 : S.T.O.P Program

For more information call 516-239-5600 between 7AM and 1PM.