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Bike Safety for Children

Published on | June 30, 2020

Summer brings great opportunities for outdoor play, like riding bikes, scooters skateboards and hoverboards.  When New York was on pause, children of all ages were seen playing in the near empty roads and parking lots throughout our Village. Now, that businesses are reopening, and traffic is rapidly approaching pre-pandemic levels our Village streets and parking lots are extremely unsafe places for children to play or ride.

We want to remind everyone that it is important that parents make sure that they instruct their children not to ride on sidewalks or to play or ride unsupervised in the streets.  We recommend that riding in the busy commercial streets be avoided at all times.  This is also a good time to make sure that all bicycle, scooter, skateboards, hoverboards, and all roller skaters and roller bladers, wear a properly fitted and approved helmet.  This is not only a good idea, it’s the law for everyone under the age of 18.

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